Ranked #1 - Top Financial Advisor in Pennsylvania For The Last Four Years Ranked #22 Barron’s Top 100 Financial Advisers in 2010

Wealth continues to increase in Complexity

In today’s increasingly complex financial world, with expanding regulations, mutual funds, ETF’s, and advice coming from every direction, people may be more confused than ever about how to navigate this ever-changing landscape. Our mission is to provide independent and comprehensive counsel to help simplify and centralize your financial decisions at the moments that can most impact you, your family and your legacy — thereby simplifying your life.

Firm History

A History of Aligning With Clients’ Interests

Waldron Wealth Management was founded in 1995 by John Waldron, a veteran of the private financial planning practices at two major accounting firms. This background helped to shape his new company’s guiding principles, as a CPA’s job is to study a client’s entire financial situation. John was an early advocate of understanding and integrating the many issues facing clients to help them achieve their goals and simplify their lives.

Quality, objective investment advice is a key element of everyone's complicated financial life and critical to accomplishing your goals.

Unlike some financial advising firms with roots in brokerage, we have no interest in earning transaction fees. We also have no proprietary investment products which we are trying to push, or any interest in chasing returns at risky times. Very simply, we manage investments as an integral part of a client's financial life. When your portfolio does what you need it to do, that is "performance."

Two Offerings

Multi-Family Office and Private Wealth Management

Waldron’s staff is comprised of experts from a wide range of disciplines so that when we assemble your advisory team, we can ensure that their experience best suits your particular needs. To add another level of customization, your financial plan will be managed by a wealth counselor from one of our two specialized divisions.

The Multi-Family Office Division focuses primarily on business owners and inheritors of wealth. The Private Wealth Management Division focuses on corporate executives and professionals with high earnings. A separate Investment Management Team oversees investing for clients from both divisions, and ensures that each client's portfolio supports their individual plan.

Personal Attention

Waldron strives to provide our clients with the highest standard of personal service by understanding and supporting their life goals and by finding innovative solutions for their unique financial challenges. We are able to achieve this level of customized service by maintaining a low client-to-staff ratio; currently we serve 100 select clients and employ a staff of 27 resulting in a ratio of approximately 4:1.

Third Party Recognitions

Ratings, Reviews and Rankings
  • Barron's recognized Waldron Wealth Management as one of the Top Independent Advisors in the U.S., and ranked John Waldron the #1 Advisor in Pennsylvania for the past five years (2010-2014)
  • Waldron Wealth Management has been named one of Best Places to Work in Pittsburgh for the last six years